Magine TV PlayStation

"We are delighted to welcome Magine TV as another exciting service on our platform and to complement our video service portfolio with its live TV content. Particularly we are proud to offer Magine TV's 'Basic Plus' package exclusively to all of our PlayStation Plus members, featuring nine additional TV channels - with no extra cost"
- Fabian Koba, Business Development Director, Sony Interactive Entertainment.

PS4 and Magine logo

Seamless sign in

Existing Magine TV Germany users can sign in via Sony PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro and watch over 30 live TV channels for free and/or upgrade to additional pay TV viewing packs.

Channel packs

Features three TV viewing packages, including Basic Plus which gives PlayStation Plus account holders access to nine additional pay TV channels at no extra cost.

Intuitive user experience

The user interface provides an intuitive user experience, with fast zapping and a personalized program feature to directly stream favourite movies, series and shows on the big screen.

PlayStation Wallet

Supports the PlayStation Store Wallet, enabling existing users to upgrade their channel pack and new users to sign up in Germany.

Magine TV is now available to Sony PlayStation’s German users on the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro console. The new app, designed by Magine specifically for PlayStation, has been seamlessly integrated into the Playstation experience and is supported by our flexible cloud infrastructure, which ensures new and existing Magine TV users across Germany can securely access all free and pay live TV channels available. There are three viewing packages for users to choose from, and the app also supports onboarding for new customers in Germany.